Who Are We?

Who we are

The Hawaiʻi Soil Health Tool was created by a collaborative team of researchers and extension agents from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in collaboration with producers and land managers.

What we do

Our services provide an estimate of your farm soil health status using a soil health index developed specifically for the soils of Hawaiʻi. The index allows an assessment of soil health across land uses and the range of agricultural systems. Our goal is to provide soil health testing, a tool to track soil health over time, and advice on soil management practices that promote healthy soils.


Dr. Susan Crow
Dr. Jonathan Deenik
Dr. Yi Qiang
Elaine Vizka
Hannah Hubanks
Christine Tallamy Glazer
Dr. Johanie Rivera-Zayas
Dr. Tai Maaz


Joshua Silva
Jensen Uyeda
Andrea Kawabata



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